Graduation Recitals Cancelled

After lots of consideration, GPSA has decided that we will cancel our Graduation Recitals this year. We do not want our members and their participating families to feel obligated to come when there is a very high risk of contagion around. The Settlement School is about to close down anyway, and they will very kindly refund some of our payment.

All of the students have been able to do a dress rehearsal, with most of them playing in that hall. We will make arrangements for all of the students to get their trophies, as well as a printed program of the event.

Thank you to all of you for your participation this year. This is definitely a big disappointment to all of us who worked hard to make this event happen. We have already reserved dates for next year, March 7 for the rehearsals and March 14 for the recitals, in 2021.

Please stay well.