Marie Henderson Scholarship

sponsored by the
Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association (GPSA)
for Suzuki Student Summer Institute Tuition Assistance

History: Marie Henderson’s 6-year-old son Jason was a Suzuki piano student who studied with GPSA teachers Judy Sheard and Kathy Moser. Marie loved the method, joined the GPSA, and began training to be a Suzuki piano teacher herself. Upon her untimely death, the GPSA established the Marie Henderson award to support students attending Summer Suzuki Institutes. Marie will always be remembered for her warmth, dedication as a mother, a caring teacher, her deep understanding of Suzuki method, and enthusiasm. This award is in her honor.

Eligibility: Eligible students must study with a teacher who is currently a member of the Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association (GPSA), not just Suzuki Association of Americas. Students applying for their first institute experience will be considered priority. Students who are not first timers are still encouraged to apply. Our Association prioritizes first timers to encourage and develop a strong foundation of music education. 

Awards: Scholarships are awarded in the amount of up to 100% of tuition for one child per family. If a second child (sibling) in the family applies, a scholarship may be awarded in the amount of up to 60% of the tuition. No more than two children per family will be considered. Scholarships are for tuition only and do not include room & board, transportation, food, accommodation, plane, or other fees.

GPSA Marie Henderson Tuition Eligibility Chart 2024

Household Size
Household Income Eligibility Guidelines (Primary household where applicant resides, all income totaled)
100% Tuition Given                                                                                                            100% Tuition Given

To use the scale, find the total number of members of the household, including all adults and children in Column A. 

Then, find the Form 1090 Adjusted Gross Income, line 11 on your tax form and find the closest lowest figure, to see if your household qualifies.

Application To-Do List:

This scholarship is specifically for students who would be unable to attend an institute without tuition assistance from the GPSA. Therefore, please provide proof of need to our committee. Due to the limited nature of these scholarships, applications without proof of costs and income will be ineligible for scholarship monies.

  1. Complete the Google Information Form below labeled as “CLICK HERE…” 
  2. Have your student’s Suzuki teacher write a recommendation letter and email it directly to the scholarship committee. The teacher can directly email the committee their recommendation. 
  3. Write a student statement, brief essay detailing your musical experiences, your reasons for attending the institute, goals, significance of music instruction to you, and any other relevant information you with to share with the scholarship committee. 
  4. Upload Page 1 of your current Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040, 1040-A, or 1040-EZ). Page 1 must be signed and include e-filing pin or tax preparer signature. If you have not yet filed your current Federal Income Tax Return, please provide your most recent Federal Income Tax Return AND a copy of your most recent W-2 or 1099 forms. Please Eligibility Chart below. 
  5. This is all due by April 15, 2024. Results of your application will be available April 30, 2024 – at the absolute latest. 

Deadline: April 15, 2024

CLICK HERE to fill out the Scholarship Application

If you have any additional questions, contact the scholarship committee. 

Board President: [email protected]

Jennifer Lang: [email protected]

Chris Brennan Hagy : [email protected]